Workshops & Classes

Classes and workshops tailored to the needs of your groups are available. I also love being a guest on podcasts or presenting to large groups. Popular topics include time and task management, tips for your next decluttering project, the psychology of stuff, gendered patterns in the home, and managing you inbox.

This service is available for groups of any size. Book a consult call to learn more and get a quote.

“Katrina deserves an honorary PhD in “Business & Home Organization Psychology!” I can say with confidence — because I’m a ‘patient’ — that Katrina is like a therapist for how to gain back control over (or learn for the first time how to manage) your home clutter, office paperwork, or business organization systems.”


“Katrina is more like a therapist than an traditional organizer. She subtly over the course of the day guides you to your own self-realizations. She is not overly pushy but she is also not afraid to step in and call you out gently when you fall back into bad habits. She gives great feedback and notes and homework. She is also great at navigating couples who have differing perspectives on “stuff” and have created emotional baggage over the years around the topic.”


“As Katrina gently guides the process, you begin to see how ‘like’ things are put with ‘like,’ and certain processes that you’ve held sacred or objects you have emotional attachment to are not forcefully wrested from your hands. She will share what she has noticed and then you are able to begin to understand, in your own heart, that they may be ready to be let go of. It’s up to *you* to decide. No judgement is passed. Quiet logic is used. Another way of putting it is that Katrina is like the intellectual, logical version of Marie Kondo. Instead of using mantras and zen phrases (think “spark joy”), Katrina offers you logical observations and ideas that often strike you like lightening bolts or “Aha!” moments.”