"She kicked my butt; it felt as if I’d spent the day working out. I know how much emotional clutter sticks around with the physical clutter and it is heavy. We spent our time working through what I couldn’t manage on my own. I was exhausted and so proud of the work we completed! I went back to look at our work the next day and it was like my birthday and New Year’s Eve wrapped into one – happiness and optimism in looking ahead."

Heather K.

"I’ve been trying to organize my office since 1987. With some success but mostly not. Then I began working with Katrina. Clutter is an inner and an outer problem - Katrina helped me address both. She knows the productivity tools and trained me to use the ones that worked best for me. More importantly though, she helped me work through the reasons I didn't want to part with my clutter in the first place. We were also able to do all our work remotely. Katrina, with her knowledge and patience, made organizing easier, faster, more successful, and best of all, showed me how to make it stick for the long term."

Christy S.

"Working with Katrina has been a game changer. She is a different kind of organizer and a breath of fresh air. I have hired a professional organizer before and had a strong, specific point of view on what type of help I was looking for. I DID NOT to want to hire someone who could come and make my closet or bedroom look Pinterest or Instagram ready for a day, only to devolve into chaos shortly after they left. I have hired that help before and it was a poor investment. Like a previous reviewer, Katrina is more like a therapist than an traditional organizer. She subtly over the course of the day guides you to your own self-realizations. She is not overly pushy but she is also not afraid to step in and call you out gently when you fall back into bad habits. She gives great feedback and notes and homework. She is also great at navigating couples who have differing perspectives on “stuff” and have created emotional baggage over the years around the topic. We have worked with her for 4 full days now as we prep to move out for a whole house remodel and will hire her again when we move back in. Strongly recommend you hire her too!"

Elan W.

"Katrina is wonderful, patient and calm in a process that can feel very overwhelming. She helped my husband and I reclaim our multi-use garage space, which had devolved into complete unusable disarray, in the course of just a half day. This is a task that we'd attempted on our own many times before realizing it had become something beyond our abilities. She was right there with us through the whole process, providing some very helpful guidelines and processes. It can be an emotional thing, saying good bye to "stuff" we'd held on to for years for various reasons. Her non judgmental presence, naturally serene manner and good humor made the process rewarding. We cannot recommend her enough, for jobs large and small. "

Jana H.

"Katrina's work is more necessary and helpful than you could imagine. I am a new business owner, and am constantly navigating decisions, and space, and schedules, and when is the best time to do this vs. that...and working with Katrina has helped with ALL of the above. My office space is more clean and organized, the flow is easier to navigate for me and my clients, and the sense of ease and grounding I get from working with her is priceless. Highly recommend! She is affordable, and also one of the best investments you will make. She isn't kidding when she says she helps you to make room for what you love!"

Kendall S.

"Let me just start with: Katrina is incredible. I had a room in my apartment that was the "catch all" room. It's initial intent was to be a craft room/office, but after three years it had become piles and piles and boxes and boxes of unorganized miscellaneous STUFF. I'd call it, embarrassingly, hoarding light. You could barely open the door. It was a problem I was just never going to deal with. But then, I needed to. My mom died and I felt like I really needed a space to be in that I could go in and grieve, or do yoga, or have my dad stay over. The stuff piles had to go. The job was huge. Katrina organized an army of my friends to come in and get the job done. She took lead and tasked people and put them to work. She sorted the piles and boxes into organized, accessible spaces that made sense. She gave me back 300 square feet of space that I desperately needed. In fact, the organization system that she set up that day was *so* effective that when I moved from that apartment to a new home I was easily able to reassemble everything back into an organized room in my new home. Let Katrina help you. You won't regret it."

Jillian B.

"To thank Katrina doesn't seem like enough. Her strategy is simple - get to the core of the "why" by listening and then offering comfort, advice and the necessary guidance for you to get the work done. The result - Katrina not only transformed our home, but our lives. There are no words to describe the incredible feeling of being able to see the floor or sit at the dining room table or see actual books on a bookcase instead of papers falling off every time you walk by. She leads you to that "Aha!" moment and from there everything falls into place. She helps you conquer the "why's" and take control over a very large part of your life, your home. So, as simple as it sounds...Thank you, Katrina. "

Elaine B.

"Katrina deserves an honorary PhD in "Business & Home Organization Psychology!” I can say with confidence -- because I'm a 'patient' -- that Katrina is like a therapist for how to gain back control over (or learn for the first time how to manage) your home clutter, office paperwork, or business organization systems. If I could, I'd like to award her an honorary PhD in "Business & Home Organization Psychology." What’s most impressive about her methodology is that she starts out quiet and considered, not passing judgement or showering you with “to-dos” and tips right off the bat. Particularly at first, Katrina looks to *you* to set the lead. As you begin to go through what needs to be done — what mess needs to be “un-messed,” or what systems you’ve been using for your home or business that might not be working fully — she doesn’t pass judgement or start to tell you what to do. She appears to be taking mental notes along the way, and sometimes jots down her observations, ideas, or “homework” for you to do later. At first she just asks you what your goals and priorities are. It’s not until a little bit into the process — sometimes closer to the end of the day — that she begins to offer her suggestions out loud, like a good therapist might do. As Katrina gently guides the process, you begin to see how ‘like’ things are put with ‘like,’ and certain processes that you’ve held sacred or objects you have emotional attachment to are not forcefully wrested from your hands. She will share what she has noticed and then you are able to begin to understand, in your own heart, that they may be ready to be let go of. It’s up to *you* to decide. No judgement is passed. Quiet logic is used. Another way of putting it is that Katrina is like the intellectual, logical version of Marie Kondo. Instead of using mantras and zen phrases (think “spark joy”), Katrina offers you logical observations and ideas that often strike you like lightening bolts or “Aha!” moments ... Personally, I learned from Katrina that the mountain of paperwork I’d been saving to “someday organize” may not all need to be saved — or even looked at — ever again! In an instant, I discovered how freeing it can be to begin to let much of it go, and the emotional baggage along with it. Katrina is generous with her time and affordable too. I’ve worked with Katrina about four times now, and plan to do so more in the future. It may be obvious from this review, but I deeply and wholeheartedly recommend that you hire “Katrina Consults” now!! You’ll be very glad you did."

Jeff M.