Personal Home Organization

Personal Organization

If clutter has invaded your physical space at work or at home, it may be time to call in a professional. I’ll work with you to clear out the physical space and get rid of whatever is unnecessary. Then we’ll set up the area with an organization plan aimed at keeping the space clean and usable for the long term. This is also ideal for those looking to declutter before moving, or people wishing to downsize to a smaller home.

Most clients prefer to work on a single room (home office, bedroom, etc) or a single category (clothes, craft supplies, etc) each session.

What will the day look like?

  1. Tour the space together, looking for the biggest challenges and pain points
  2. Talk about goals for the day as well as the long-term plans
  3. Choose a single, specific starting point (clearing the top of this dresser, getting the closet accessible, etc)
  4. Continue to the next area, guided by the work and what still needs to be done to achieve or goals for the day
  5. As we near the end of the session, start to clean things up again to ensure the space is livable (take trash out to the curb, load donation into the car, etc)
  6. Finish by reviewing any homework items, determining next steps, and scheduling a follow-up when needed


Are we going to do the whole house together?

My goal is always to teach and guide my clients so they feel empowered to continue this work on their own. For some this may mean only one in-person session to get the work going, after which they can tackle the rest of the house on their own. For others, they find that they never manage to do it on their own without the accountability of the appointment, so we tend to keep booking sessions (usually every 1-2 months) until the client feels like their goals have been achieved. However I would say for the majority of my clients, we book 2-3 in-home sessions to tackle their most difficult spaces, and I only come back again after big life events (new baby, retirement, moving, etc).


What if I just want to do it myself?

For clients that feel driven to do the work on their own and just need a little guidance, I offer online consultations. We discuss the biggest challenges ahead of them based on their situation, and I offer advice on how best to tackle those challenges. Clients come away from the session with a specific plan for how to go about the work, as well as how to respond when they get stuck.