Business Organization

Business Organization

In my years working with small businesses and sole proprietors, I’ve found many smart, driven people who have been left completely on their own when it comes to managing their work life. Time management, task management, system organization, and checklist creation are vital to anyone wishing to streamline and clarify their work – whether that’s a small business, an involved side project, or a busy home. I also work with my clients on their physical space to improve workflow and/or make it more inviting for customers.


This type of coaching is often best done as a series of shorter meetings or calls which allow us to track improvement over time and iterate to find the best solutions for the business. This also helps by giving my clients the accountability they need to get things done. For business owners with a physical location or a dedicated home office, we usually start with a site visit and to video or phone calls for follow-up and ongoing improvement.


Here are a few things I’ve helped individual entrepreneurs and small businesses do:

  • Clear out email inboxes and get rid of junk
  • Organize transaction/client files and set up an easy naming system
  • Prioritize time for marketing and sphere maintenance
  • Set up Dropbox and other automatic cloud backup systems
  • Cleanup or create CRM systems to maintain client sphere
  • Set up new internal processing systems
  • Reorganize the physical working space around the needs of both staff and customers
  • Improve documentation


Building the business and lifestyle you want takes action, even if it’s just one step at a time. I will keep us accountable to your goals, and make sure we are always moving forward. When you’re overwhelmed or stuck, it can be hard to make even one small move towards unburdening yourself. By setting the appointment, you guarantee that for those few hours you won’t get distracted or pulled away. Progress will happen.