The Process

How I Work

Every client and situation is different. But the approach often looks similar, whether it’s clearing out a garage, setting up a communal office space, or cleaning up a messy computer desktop.

  1. Start

    Sometimes the hardest part is to start, because oftentimes you don’t know where to start. After a brief chat about what your goals are for our work, I help us figure out a starting point for the session, and create a workflow based on common needs I see across my client base.

  2. Learn

    I learn about you by working with you. We will start to define your stuck points and determine the different areas of your life that are involved. I listen intently, ask good questions, and offer a comfortable approach to doing this purposeful work. This is also when you start to envision what a different daily life would look like for you.

  3. Choose

    As we continue to work through the issues together, you’ll find that choices become easier. The work builds on itself. The story of one issue informs the story of the next, and it becomes easier to see which things are no longer serving you.

  4. Organize

    Once we are both clear on the problems, the options, and the decisions being made, then we can finally start organizing. This isn’t about placings items in clear plastic bins and putting them in rainbow order. This is about creating habits, building upon your existing systems, and making sure that you are set up with something designed around how you naturally want to live and work.

  5. Apply

    I always aim to end the day in a good spot for you, which means even if we aren’t completely done, we are cleaned up and back to a livable state. We talk about the homework you have now, and if needed, set a time for the next session.

  6. Iterate

    After some time with your new systems, it will start to become clear what is working great and where you still need help. Included in my services is a free follow-up call one month after our final session, where I can offer guidance in how to further improve your new systems.

How I Work

Honest Empathy

I meet you where you are without judgment - this is your life, not mine. By understanding how you got where you are, I can offer advice on how to get where you want to be. I will be honest with you about what I see, and more importantly, encourage you to be honest with yourself.

Intuitive Logic

I am always looking for the most logical system, the one that reduces friction and optimizes use. But the best system also needs to be intuitive. It needs to feel natural and easy, to work with your tendencies and defaults rather than adhering to some imaginary ideal.

Respectful Discretion

Only you can decide what is and is not important in your life. When you tell me something is important, I honor that. When you tell me something is private, I honor that.

Professional Fun

I am here to do a job, and I will make sure we get that job done. But I also think this process can be incredibly enjoyable and rewarding when done right. Decluttering, organizing, and systemizing don’t have to feel like chores.