Digital Organization

Digital Organization

Most people understand the importance of a clear physical desktop, but it’s just as important to keep a clear computer desktop. Virtual clutter causes as much stress as physical clutter, but we often ignore it. Digital clutter is most common in computer filing systems, email inboxes, and annoying pop-ups, errors, and features that feel like bugs. Digital clutter also comes from gaps in our knowledge, and not being able to take full advantage of the technology we have. Your devices should work FOR you, not against you. This service is perfect for anyone who opens their computer or email with a frustrated sigh, especially those with their own business or large side project.

That sounds great, but I have 40,000 unread emails. Can we really do anything about it?

We can and we will. There are a few tricks I’ve learned over the years to get rid of emails in bulk without losing anything important. Depending on your situation we might clear everything out during our time together, or I can set you up with a process you can continue on your own. But fixing an overflowing inbox is about more than just clearing out the junk – we’ll also look at your habits and approaches to your email that got you into this mess and figure out how to keep it from happening again.


How long will it take?

For digital work I only ever book 90-120 minute appointments, since it can be hard for clients to stay focused beyond that.* Depending on the situation that initial 90 minutes may be enough, or we might book a follow-up to keep working at it until the job is finished.
*For clients with both digital and physical clutter they need to work on, a short digital session can be incorporated into a longer day of physical decluttering.


Are you able to offer tech support?

I can’t fix your computer, but I can fix your relationship with your computer. For most people, there’s nothing actually broken with their technology. It’s just not behaving the way they want it to – nothing’s syncing right, stuff keeps disappearing, the interface is awkward to use. I help you figure out how to improve your workflow when it comes to your tech. And if there isn’t something actually wrong, I can help you identify what the problem is so you can reach out to customer service knowing exactly what to say to get the issue resolved.


Since it’s all on the computer, can we do this remotely?

Yes! Many of my digital decluttering clients do all of their sessions through Zoom. That said, for those local to the Seattle area an in-person appointment might still be useful. This is especially true if part of the problem is syncing between devices, or moving from an old computer to a new one.