About Katrina

I am a Seattle native with a born love of organization. In high school I used to watch reruns of Clean Sweep, never realizing that I could one day have Peter Walsh’s job.


After several years in business administration, I realized that the part of my job I always enjoyed most was fixing broken systems and making existing systems more efficient. In 2012, I joined one of the fastest growing real estate brokerages in Washington State as an Executive Assistant to the owner. I quickly transitioned into Office Manager and began to help the agents with organizing their email and desktops. I worked my way up to Director of Operations and eventually President, at one point managing six offices while teaching classes and holding one-on-one sessions with agents to discuss time blocking, task management, and client tracking systems. Before long it was clear that the help I was providing to agents and other brokerages was applicable to everyone, and I founded Katrina Consults.


In addition to consulting, I enjoy improv comedy, root beer, and writing. During the pandemic I accidentally started a publishing company with my friends, 84th Street Press, which we use to publish our own short story collections.

What to learn more?

I’d love to hear more about the areas of your life where organization could really be a benefit. Drop me a line using this form, or go to the contact page to schedule a free consult call.