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My name is Katrina, and my mission is to help people declutter their digital and physical spaces, giving them the increased mental, emotional, and physical capacity to fully enjoy their lives. I’m not just looking to clear out the mess – I want to coach my clients on systems and habits that keep things running smoothly in the long term.

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Looking to do it yourself, but still need a bit of guidance and accountability?

Check out the upcoming Clutter Control Workshop for an affordable, results-packed session you can do from your own home.


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Change is hard. Getting help is not.

There are so many reasons we give ourselves for postponing those projects. They’re too big to tackle today. I will get to it after the winter. I should have done that two months ago. You don’t need to keep making excuses, and you don’t need to do this alone.

Personal Organization
Reclaim the unusable guest room, discover what’s under that pile of mail, teach the kids to manage their own belongings, and maybe even fit a car in the garage.
Digital Organization

Get your email inbox back down into double digits, clean up that messy desktop, finally find out where your files are hiding, and stop feeling that twinge of fear every time you open your computer.

Business Organization

Master your schedule, get control of those nagging items, learn to love your admin time, and decide what actually matters to you and your business.

Workshops & Classes

Bring new ideas to your podcast, liven up your Lunch & Learns, or get workshops tailored to the specific problems or your organization.

Who I Work With

Wondering if you’re the right client for me? Take a look at the following categories and see if you can find yourself:

  • There are flat surfaces in your home you haven’t seen in months (or years)
  • You are trying to “make it work”, but it’s not working
  • Nothing ever seems to get done yet you’re always busy
  • Your space is full of challenges: awkward closets, tight bedrooms, outdated layouts
  • You are passionate, frazzled, driven, and invested in self-development
  • A big life change has pushed you to the breaking point
  • You want to be in control the way you used to be in control
  • You’ve bought solutions but the problems persist
  • You are overwhelmed and ready for change
  • You just have to do SOMETHING
If this sounds like you, then it’s time to get some help.

Things My Clients Say

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