Pricing & Services

Physical Organization and Space Clearing

If clutter has invaded your physical space at work or at home, it may be time to call in a professional. I’ll work with you to clear out the physical space and get rid or whatever is unnecessary. Then we’ll set up the area with an organization plan aimed at keeping the space clean and usable for the long term. This is also ideal for those looking to declutter before moving, or people wishing to downsize to a smaller home.
Most clients prefer to work on a single room (home office, bedroom, etc) or a single category (clothes, craft supplies, etc) each session.

Digital Organization

Most people understand the importance of a clear physical desktop, but it’s just as important to keep a clear computer desktop. Virtual clutter causes as much stress as physical clutter, but we often ignore it. Digital clutter is most common in computer filing systems, email inboxes, and annoying pop-ups, errors, and “features.” Digital clutter also comes from gaps in our knowledge, and not being able to take full advantage of the technology we have. Your devices should work FOR you, not against you.
This service is perfect for anyone who opens their computer or email with a frustrated sigh, especially those with their own business or side project.

Productivity & Efficiency Coaching

In my years working with small businesses and sole proprietors, I’ve found many smart, driven people who have been left completely on their own when it comes to managing their work life. Time management, task management, system organization, and checklist creation are vital to anyone wishing to streamline and clarify their work – whether that’s a small business, an involved side project, or a busy home. This type of coaching is often best done as a series of shorter meetings or calls, which also gives my clients the accountability they need to get things done.
This service is perfect for people that are struggling to reach the goals they’ve set for themselves.

Classes, Workshops, & Public Speaking

Classes and workshops tailored to the needs of your groups are available. Popular topics include time and task management, tips for your next decluttering project, and managing the inbox.
This service is available for groups of any size.

Single Day flat rate: $500 (typically 5-7 hours)
In-Person: $100 per hour (2 hour minimum)
Online: $100 per hour (30 minute minimum)
Classes & Speaking: contact for quote

Low Income & Non-Profit

I believe that professional help getting your space and business in order should not be limited to the wealthy, especially when clutter has so many financial costs. I reserve a set number of hours each month at low or no cost for individuals on a low income or non-profit businesses. Contact me for more details.