Do you have to see the space first?

For most homes, I can assess the space and discuss a client’s needs in our first 15 minutes. For online consultations, I may ask for video or photos beforehand so I can have time to review them.

How far do you travel?

I consult for the greater Seattle area, generally within 30 miles of the city center.

Do you offer any remote consulting?

Remote meetings via video chat are great for anyone outside the Seattle area, as well as for people that would like to do more work on their own and just need a quick check-in. These shorter meetings are also great for sorting through digital clutter, email clear-outs, and file organization.

What about my partner and/or kids?

If we are going to clear out a specific person’s belongings (such as in their bedroom), it is very important they are a part of the process. I can tailor the day to accommodate everyone who wants to be involved. If most of the stuff is yours but a few items belong to a family member, I recommend that they either stay nearby (working or playing in another part of the house), or join us for the last hour or two of work. This will allow us to get their input on objects that may be important to them.

Will there be homework?

Almost certainly. After our sessions I may send you questions to answer or tasks to accomplish. For example you may have a stack of papers that need to be scanned or a new email account to set up before we can continue with our work. Consulting is there to help you on your way, not to solve all your problems for you. More importantly, I want my clients to become independent and eventually capable of solving many issues without me.

What if I’m no good at doing homework?

For some people, the primary benefit of hiring a consultant is the accountability. By setting a regular appointment they are committing themselves to improve, if only for the duration of the appointment. If you know that you only have a few hours a month to give, then we will do as much as we can in those hours.

What if I need help with my business?

I’ve helped both individuals and small businesses revamp their internal organization and processes. I focus on file storage (digital and physical), improving procedures, proper task delegation, and creating a productive physical space.